‘Spica Warrior’ by Karen Kerr, for our ‘Little Hippies’…


Hey folks,

I just thought I’d tell you I’ve written a book to help kids with hip dysplasia facing surgery to help them through the journey to make it less scary and daunting.

I wrote it due to my daughter going through 18 months in a cast and closed and open reductions, femoral and pelvic osteotomies after being diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia at 2yrs old.

My book is called “Spica Warrior” and Steps the DDH charity are using it as a resource for parents and Yorkhill Hospital in Glasgow are giving it out to every parent who has a child that’s diagnosed. You can get the book on Amazon and Kindle.

Lots of love Karen x x x

Follow this link to the Resources page and click on ‘Books about Hip Dysplasia’….


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