“Smile and Be Kind”

By Sarah, Sunderland, UK

Hi, my name is Sarah, I am 21 and was diagnosed with congenital hip dysplasia at 8 months old. I have had 13 surgeries for it, including tractions and plasters. I was diagnosed with avascular necrosis at 7 years old.

Last year I underwent a total hip replacement and reconstruction. It took 9 hours and I am still attempting to heal from it now. We believe something may not be right with the new hip and I am waiting for results of a CT scan. I am also waiting to see a knee surgeon in the hope of having surgery to correct my multiple knee problems.

Ever since having my hip replacement my health has gotten worse. I have now been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in some of my joints and joint hypermobility syndrome which causes my knees to sublux. That means they dislocate then go back themselves after. Since March I have had 115 subluxations. I now suffer chronic pain every minute of every day in my spine, back, both hips, both knees and my left ankle.

Although I am in constant pain, and have severely limited mobility, I still grasp at what life I have left – I am taking the time to educate myself, attending an adult night classes to better myself. I also try my best to not allow my deteriorating condition to take away my smile or kindness, I pride myself in trying to be kind and supportive to everyone which is why I use my Instagram account as a diary to try to educate, support and encourage others.

Thank you

Sarah  x

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