‘Quality of Life’ Survey – Cardiff University

The Hip Pain Cardiff University team are undertaking a study looking at the “impact that DDH has had on your life” and takes only 10-15 minutes to complete.

Hip Dysplasia and Diagnosis

How easy was it to get your Hip Dysplasia diagnosis? Was it difficult due to a lack of understanding or awareness? Did your medical team identify the issue quickly?

To support LWHD’s awareness campaign for 2018, click on the following link to complete this quick survey: Hip Dysplasia and Diagnosis

Hip Dysplasia and Exercise

LWHD is collecting some very basic information about those living with DDH and how that relates to the amount of exercise, if any, that you’re able to do.   The information volunteered on this survey will go on to be part of a publication that will help other ‘Hippies’ of the future.

It’s important that you be completely honest in your answer.. not what you WANT to do…. but what you ACTUALLY do. If you’re interested in taking part, please click on this link:  Hip Dysplasia and Exercise Survey