“Sex …with these hips?!” (paperback) by Xandra Lee


Are you living with hip dysplasia, arthritic hips or recently had a hip surgery?

Do the day to day issues you face with your hips affect your self-esteem and confidence?

Are you struggling to maintain a relationship, or have difficulty with dating because of these issues?

Do your physical symptoms have an impact on your sex life and are you looking to overcome these to continue enjoying sex?

Perhaps you just need to know how to avoid injury and the positions that will help you to do this?  If so, then this book is for you..

Endorsed by Orthopaedic Surgeon Nigel Kiely, a foreword written by international sex and relationships expert Tracey Cox and contributions from physiotherapist Dr Matthew Farrow.

(182 Pages)

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Written by Xandra Lee, who was born with hip dysplasia or ‘Developmental Dysplasia of the Hips’ (DDH) and by age 33 years had endured eight surgeries, including two total hip replacements. Founder of the support network ‘Living with Hip Dysplasia’, she is also a campaigner and fundraiser for the awareness of hip dysplasia. 

“Xandra has tackled an important topic of sexual problems related to the condition of hip dysplasia and after treatment. As doctors we are often aware that this is a significant problem for our patients. However, due to the sensitivity of the subject, doctors and patients may feel too embarrassed or concerned about causing embarrassment to discuss such matters during a consultation. Xandra’s book will provide an invaluable resource and I congratulate her for this work”

Mr Nigel Kiely FRCS
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, specialist in young adult hip disorders.

“‘Sex …with these hips?’ covers just about everything you need to know about dating, sex and relationships with a motility disability… from both the practical physical side and emotional. By sharing her own experiences, Xandra addresses all the fears and problems anyone with serious hip problems faces. There are sexercises, illustrated tried-and-tested ‘Hippie’ sex positions and info on how to talk about any issues you have with a new partner (without scaring them off). It’s also written in a straight-forward, helpful, non-patronising manner… it’s heartfelt… you trust her instantly”.

Tracey Cox
International sex, body language and relationships expert

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