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I can’t believe it’s approaching the one-year anniversary of my second ceramic hip!
In the early morning of the 9th January 2017, just as I was about to take the long car journey to hospital for my surgery, I took a photo of my luggage and posted it for you guys, mainly as a “I’m ready, see you on the other side”.  A fellow ‘Hippie’ named Zoe then asked what I recommended she pack for her upcoming surgery.  With the experience I had in doing this – I could now pack my suitcase with my eyes closed! And thanks to Zoe, we are now able to help other ‘Hippies’ who are approaching surgery and are not sure what they should be taking with them.

When you spend enough time as a hospital inpatient, it isn’t long before you pick up little tips of things to take that are not only essential for your stay… but become aware of items that can make the difference between unbearable and comfortable – which is all any of us want. 
Let’s be honest, nobody looks forward to these stays, especially if surgery is looming and your mind is swamped with all kinds of thoughts, rational and otherwise, about what to expect.  With that in mind, having a pre-prepared list of the bits and pieces you’ll need (and possibly want!) to take into hospital with you, will be a welcome relief to an already frazzled brain if you’re anything like me.
“What To Pack For Hospital”…
What you’ll need when you go into hospital will vary based on the type of surgery / reason for admission – so this is an exhaustive list. From ear plugs to protect your slumber from loudly snoring ward-mates, to your favourite cordial, to add to your water to help take away that bad taste after the anaesthetic – here within this list, you’ll find the crucial and borderline excessive. But they are all items that I have found helpful or comforting at some time and often when I needed them most.
I hope they help you too.
I have uploaded a PDF to the Resources page under ‘Useful Downloads’, entitled “What To Pack For Hospital”.  It will be the first of many that will be available to ‘Hippies’ to help them in their journey whilst Living with Hip Dysplasia. If there is anything that you think would be helpful to include, let us know.
Find the first PDF “What To Pack For Hospital” available to download for free here!
Much Love, Xandra xx

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