Hippies Up Snowdon 2018 – our Hip Dysplasia awareness campaign

Sponsored by Slumbersac, on June 16th 2018, 10 brave Hippies and their wingmen will be climbing Mount Snowdon in Wales, in the UK, to raise awareness for DDH.
Hip dysplasia does not get the publicity it deserves considering the number it affects and the life changing impact it has on those individuals and their loved ones.  In recent years, thanks to the internet, there has been more in the way of support and awareness being raised, petitions being created to fight for change in new born screening and fabulous support for parents of children with Hip Dysplasia thanks to DDH_UK , the UK's only exclusively DDH-related charitable trust and support group, who are also very welcoming of adult Hippies.
Hopefully, this will help bring about changes for earlier detection, and could improve the future for so many lives.  However, what becomes of the forgotten Hippies, the Hippies who struggle to have their voices heard, who have grown up with this relatively unknown condition. Living each day with deteriorating mobility, the agonising gnawing pain and the loneliness it brings stealing their freedom.
LWHD exists to help those Hippies get the answers they so desperately need, the advocacy and voice when they need one, and the support that gives them the strength to claim their lives back.
2018 is the year DDH will be put on the map. These courageous Hippies have come together to be that voice, to show what it has physically taken for them to undertake a feat most people would take for granted.  To climb 9 miles, 3560 feet, with 9 prosthetic hips, 10 titanium pins and a metal plate between them!
Money raised during our event will continue to develop this awareness campaign, to fund literature that will educate and also continue to support our adult hippies in their day to day lives. 25% of all that is raised through this event will be donated to DDH_UK.
Follow this link to donate to our cause and support our Hippies in their fight for this cause...

Meet our brave mountain-climbing Hippies!

Click on a picture to find out more about each climber and their DDH history...

Alice Bell
Age 29

Angelika Hopkins
Age 35

Charlotte Lewis
Age 21

Gemma Almond
Age 25

Georgia Stott
Age 20

Hannah Rebbeck
Age 20




Kate Hastie
Age 25

Lizzie Anderson
Age 29

Sarah Gascoigne
Age 32