A Day At The Races – Part 3

Now, I’m not condoning this, neither would I recommend it, but alcohol is one of those things that really helps me with the pain (recalling one New Year’s Eve Party, where I was so numb from the waist down, that I couldn’t even feel the smarting during a floor-seated performance of ‘Oops Upside Your Head’. But boy did I feel that the next morning!! Let’s just say I didn’t leave my bed until late the next afternoon… and not because of a hangover! Anyway, I digress… ), So to get me through the next 6 races I thought maybe if I could have a few beers, it might assist me with my discomfort – no such luck! No glasses in the paddock! 😦 Boo!

After a couple of wins (YAY!), then for the Main Man! But there must have been some signs of flagging on my face (…he can read me like a book!), because Himself was suggesting we go. (Go???!!!! We couldn’t go!!! It’s bloody TOM JONES for crying out loud!! Also, I knew how much Himself wanted to see him… but would sacrifice that if I was in such agony. I couldn’t live with that). None of the stewards seemed to know of anywhere where I would be able to park my derrière, for a view for the long-awaited entertainment that evening. Eventually, an angel in the form of ‘Faye’, the Enquiries Office Assistant, found us some seating (her kindness had me fighting back the tears at this point, literally. I had to give myself a talking to… “Don’t you dare cry Alex, I bloody mean it… suck it up, suck it up, C’mon…. GRRRRR!” I hate that, it’s hard work holding yourself together when you feel so crappy… then all someone has to do is be nice… and boom!).

Would you like to see the view we had of Tom all evening….?

tom#                 tom jones view 2


And I’m not even kidding!

I can’t complain really, after the stunning job Faye did for us! (Thank you Faye…. You’re one in a million… or 36,000 as it turned out!). I did manage to catch a glimpse of his head through that tarp for a millisecond!

thumbs up

What I would’ve given to be standing in that crowd 😦 He was great though! 🙂

Now, you may think, that was that, the end of the evening… but it was far from over…

To be continued…

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