Day 43 – 6 WEEKS!!

Today I have hit my 6 week mark!!!! Officially, it’s the beginning of the end of my restrictions! 🙂
So a Happy 6 Weeks to my Hip…

"Happy 6 Weeks, Hip!"

I visited the doctor today and discussed where I was at and how I could work towards getting back to ‘normal’ (there’s that word again!) We negotiated (because he didn’t think I was ready!!) an extra 2 weeks before I could even consider going back to work, I need to be able to use a ‘normal’ unraised toilet for one! Also, being able to drive my car would be beneficial too.  So that’s my target for my 8 weeks… got me some work to do I think.. starting with the 3 small exercises the Physio gave me, during our consultation over the phone; mini squats, abductor side lifts and standing on one leg.

So at 6 weeks after my hip replacement, what can I do…?

  • Walk slowly for about 20 minutes (stopping and starting) with one crutch.
  • Use the washing machine/tumble dryer and cook small meals.
  • Put my sock and shoe UNAIDED on my un-operated leg, however still using the sock aid and shoe horn for the operated leg.
  • Wash myself, dress myself… all general upkeep of ‘Me’.
  • I can kneel (Although it’s a push getting up again!).
  • I am sitting on our sofa again (instead of my raised ‘sick’ armchair)
  • Still using a cushion at the dining table and in the car.
  • I can bend, stretching my operated leg out behind me.
  • Walk around the house without crutches (slight limp, takes concentration and a lot of clenching to NOT limp).
  • No longer ascending and descending stairs one at a time… using BOTH legs!!
  • Can pick my poochy up off the floor.
  • Lie on my un-operated side for about 30 minutes
  • Have sex!! 😉 (with restrictions… but that’s another story!)

I suppose, more importantly… what CAN’T I do yet…

  • Touch my toes while standing (can reach my calf)
  • Drive (YET!!)
  • Walk without limping
  • Sleep on either side
  • Use a toilet normal seat
  • Use my cross-trainer (according to my Physio!)
  • Squat to reach something
  • Get into the bath

Really great to see the ‘Can’t’ list getting so small!!

I’m going to be listing my achievements week by week now.  From today I’ll also start using the bio oil on the wound, to help with the healing.

So exciting…. it’s the beginning of the norm.  Wish me luck…!