Day 41

Well, I had a ‘First’ today, alright!!!! A very dumb one! 2 days before the end of my restrictions… and I did this… without even thinking!!!

legs living with hip dysplasia.jpg

Silly silly girl!!  

I have to say, I know I’m not supposed to do it, but I was actually quite pleased (after I uncrossed and all was well. Umm and yes, I still found the time to take a piccie – not the brightest spark, am I?!!), it cheered me up a whole lot.  Just because I COULD do it.  

That said, I needed the cheering up today.  The blues hit me. In quite a serious way. My (daft!) proud side is ashamed to admit there were tears.  I think I’ve got a touch of cabin-fever and I’m going a bit stir-crazy. But in the same breath I’m nervous. About everything concerned with leaving the house and trying things again. (Which kind of leaves me a little bit nowhere and in somewhat of a catch-22).

I know all this, this is very familiar to me. I’ve been here before… recovery does this to you. Also, with the weather being so horrendous, it’s not exactly helping my cause!!  The weather is also about to get worse..  and boy, don’t we Hippies suffer in the cold weather. Get those layers on folks (I have a few pairs of long johns at the ready, sexy!!), whack that heating up (apparently, according to health professionals, to a minimum of 18°c… but sometimes, just sometimes, Himself finds that it’s been cranked up to 21°c. Now how on earth could that have happened 😉 ) and if you can manage it, get moving… even if it’s just around the house (because if it snows, I might be reluctant to get out in it!!!) – the best thing to get the bones warm for me I find. That, a bath… or grab the closest body/person/beloved pet to you and share the warmth!

Stay cosy! 😀