Day 40

Up at 6:30am. What the…..?! I was this wide awake. 

AWAKE Living with Hip Dysplasia

Today marked the end of our Christmas/Holidays… Himself went back to work today. Gutted!! I had gotten used to having him round, entertaining me, lots of company, for almost 3 weeks 🙂 Now, back to reality… just me and Poochy. No lazy mornings, back to rubbish routine. No Christmas ‘bad for you’ food anymore… only healthy ‘regular’ (boring!) food.

Okay… I don’t actually feel like that. I have a very varied and healthy diet (“healthy appetite” Himself calls it!! Another word for that is ‘Greedy’ I think 😉 ), which I enjoy… the one thing I won’t do is deny myself. What the hell kind of life would that be? As someone who lives with a long term health condition, who’s had to come to terms with so many restrictions as time has gone by… why on earth would I stop myself enjoying everything there was to enjoy from the rest of my life. It’s about proportion. With the odd beer in between 😉 I’m a very long way from a binge-drinking youth; years, medication and limitation have done that to me (probably a far healthier option too, lets be honest!). You’re not REALLY supposed to drink with certain meds (especially mine and I’m definitely not recommending or suggesting that anyone should behave in such a way!), but again, being sensible, I try and enjoy as much as I can. I was told to avoid alcohol during the first weeks, post-op, mainly due to the (evil!) blood-thinning tablets and then after the allergic reaction, the injections. However I just had to ask the question “Does that mean I can’t have a Bucks Fizz on Christmas Morning” and the actual words of the nurse were, “Ooh, just the one glass on Christmas morning should be okay….”, with a big grin on her face. YAY! I was very grateful for even that… a bit of ‘normal’ Christmas under the circumstances.

Just to show how very good I’m being.. I am yet to open a very beautiful bottle of fine Gin, a Christmas gift from my lovely in-laws. Now THAT is restraint, coming fro a self-confessed gin-oholic 😉  But just wait until I’m finally ‘on bail’, so I can get out and about again and I’m free to use my car… Sainsbury’s will be my first stop for some tonic water! 😉

Just kidding folks, I’ll add a laugh to anything, me! I’ve come so far, I’m not going to risk my new hip for anything! Plus, Gin doesn’t go bad anyway does it, so I have plenty of time 😉