Day 39

A very bad day, pain wise, today.  But not my hip… just the muscles and my legs. Restless leg Syndrome is the worst!! Himself rightly pointed out.. “..could it be that you’re forgetting to take your magnesium?”.  He was right. I couldn’t remember the last time I had taken one, it must have been days. Easily. Damn!

I have a dosette box that I use to regulate my medication. The first couple of weeks after the hip replacement, I needed it… it had upped to easily 15 tablets for the day. Now I’m down to just 6.  I think it might be a good idea to start putting the magnesium in there with them? Then at least I won’t forget. (For those that don’t know what a dosette box is… this is the one I’m using. It’s good because you can pop out the individual days and take it with you, with 4 slots; Morning, Lunch, Tea & Bedtime…

 Dosette Living with Hip Dysplasia

 Or, ask your Nan, she probably uses one!! Doesn’t make me feel ancient in the slightest!!)

Old Living with Hip Dysplasia

(There’s that feeling again…!)

I have a couple of ‘Firsts’ for the day 🙂 I managed to have a LIE down, on my SIDE, on the sofa!! For about 20 minutes. It felt AMAZING!!! I had to lower myself as rigid as a board to do it… with the cushion between my knees, don’t forget the cushion. Every morning I’m managing about 20 minutes on my side too, which is progress. (This is me, reminding myself that I AM making progress – after my low day yesterday, feeling like I’m not getting very far).

The Second ‘First’ was sitting down like a normal person.  By this I mean not sticking my operated leg out in front of me as I sit.  Sitting like this from day one makes it more comfortable for the new ‘Hippy’, it’s one of the first things the Physiotherapists show you when they see you post-op. But today.. I kept my feet parallel to each other and sat on the sofa. (Also, The Sick Chair has been abandoned!!).  Like I said…like a normal person. 😉

I think at this rate, before long, there’ll come a point that if it wasn’t for the limp, you may not know I have anything going on! Here’s hoping..! 😉