Day 38

Firstly, apologies for the moan!

I’m getting very impatient.  I have to remind myself of my progress, because I have days like today where I feel like I’ve made no progress in weeks! Sounds ridiculous, yes. But it’s part of the recovery… low days.

I am quickly approaching the 6 week mark – the BEGINNING of the lifting of my restrictions. Prior to the phone call with a Physiotherapist this morning, I had some warped idea that I’d be ‘good to go’ when I hit 6 weeks.  This was me…

Raring to go Living with Hip Dysplasia

Unrealistic? Of course. But that didn’t stop me subconsciously building those expectations. Now the thing is, am I setting myself up for a fall… or… is it what keeps me fighting? 😉 Now there’s a debate that would have many different opinions!!

I’d just like to point out, that up to now, I’ve had no contact whatsoever with any healthcare professional, in order to get guidance on what to expect, or what I could be doing to help myself.  I had a half hour session with a Physio who ensured I could climb the stairs and use the loo before I left (what she actually said was “you know the drill, you’ve been here before… I’m sure you don’t even need me here”.  But she was wrong and I told her as much.  It may be similar to other surgeries because it’s to do with my hip… but I’ve never had a replacement before and needed to know what I should expect). She gave me no exercises, just told me that walking was my exercise.  When I asked if I was going to have any physiotherapy she said they’d review it at 12 weeks with my consultant. But what until then??? She showed me the 90° restrictions to abide by and even showed me ways around bending while keeping within my restrictions… and I was to stick to these for 6 weeks.

So, the Physio! Honestly? She left me almost deflated 😦

Me : “So, I’m good to go, yes? It’ll be 6 weeks on Thursday…”, excitement in my voice.

Physio : “Well, no, not exactly. The restrictions are to be lifted slowly between 6 and 12 weeks, then it’s reviewed by your Consultant as to whether ALL restrictions are lifted.” Devastated. That was the only word 😦

Cue a dozen questions fired at her as to what I can and can’t do… “Can I drive? Can I bend? Can I kneel? Can I use my Crosstrainer…? I’m getting really fat! What exercises can I do? Can I squat?”

Every single answer I got was the vaguest thing you could ever imagine. Apart from the Crosstrainer… I can’t use the Crosstrainer until I’ve had the all clear. Basically, they’re leaving it up to my own judgement with a reminder to take it slowly while still remaining within the restriction. Uhhh? I’m not used to such a wishy-washy regiment.. I need to DO something, have clear guidelines (which is what I’ve been used to up until now!). 

I think the word I’m looking for, as the Physiotherapist quite rightly pointed out, is “PATIENCE, XANDRA!”.