Day 36

So today I had PLANS! ACTUAL PLANS! Written in my diary and everything… like a normal person 😉 Those plans consisted of a leg-wax (…doesn’t sound like fun plans? No, you’re right… but goddamn, you should see my legs now… they’re starting to stick together like natural Velcro! I also can’t keep asking Himself to shave them, not very sexy! After all we’ve been through, you’d think that wouldn’t matter, but there have to be SOME boundaries! I insist on it! But that’s a story for another day 😉 ) Booked in immediately after that ordeal, was a pedicure. My reward for sitting through the former!

We squeezed in upstairs (mainly to get away from my inquisitive Poochy!). Now, because of the nerve damage from all the surgeries (older… and fresher which feels sharper), we had a discussion about where to avoid, so on me below the knee or ’half-leg’, was the only choice. I was chat chat chatting away (it was so nice having that girly chat you normally get while having your hair cut or your nails done, it felt like a real treat… something you Gents probably either avoid or don’t even notice.  It’s more of an ‘Appointment of Necessity’ rather than a social event, I imagine…!). There I was, laid out on her mobile lounger (which I managed to pull myself on to quite successfully, all that practice on my own bed no doubt, it’s no different), very aware of the fact that she was just cracking on with the wax.  She suddenly started spreading it on my legs like Flora on a slice of bread. “…but hang on, I’m not ready yet.. I need to prepare myself” …was the thought going through my mind while still maintaining my conversation (multitasking that is, peeps! 😉 ). On went the strip… still thinking… “Seriously… I’m not ready yet…” I felt a cold sweat rush up the back of my neck. “…I’ll just finish what I’m saying then casually tell her to give me a sec to…” And RRRRRRIP!!!! “ahhhhhHHHH-IIIIEEEWW”

Living with hip dysplasia WAX

Off it came. Just like that. She didn’t even give me time to take a breath before she slapped on another strip. All I could think at this point was, for the first time having a second leg was a real disadvantage! “Think of the pedicure, think of the pedicure”.  As the torture wax session continued on to the second leg, the fresh-waxing-pain started all over again… I gripped the sides of that bed and clenched my teeth to get through it… thinking I was doing well, until she Utterly-Butterlied that stuff all over the new nerve damage on my knee. S#it.  Too late now… had to just get through it. 

‘Eye-watering pain’ is not a sufficient description for it.  Even though that is exactly what happened, good job I haven’t started putting mascara on yet.  It may be hard to believe that I could experience such pain after what I’ve recently been through… but I actually think that it heightens your pain awareness.

Note to self.  Wax BEFORE surgery next time… I’ll soon forget all about it then! Although that pedicure was definitely worth the wait and soon had me relaxing again.  

Now, that IS something I would recommend for post-op….:)