Day 34

I STOOD ONE LEGGED THROUGH MY OPERATED LEG!!!!!!!!!! I can’t even believe that I did it. I wasn’t even sure that I could. When I’ve been sitting for a long time, I get up and have to gradually put the weight into my operated leg, or it just gives way, not in a painful way, just uncomfortable and feels weak. But I tried it, I gave it a little more weight, then a little more, until my un-operated leg was on tippy-toes, then I just lifted it completely off the floor, for about 3 seconds.  I could feel the muscles in the sides of my operated hip wobbling from weakness, but I did it!

Seriously though, how it is feeling in there now, one month on? It doesn’t hurt.  I am  experiencing pain, but it muscular & Restless Leg Syndrome. When I’m walking around, I can feel the difference between my hips, the new one is solid on the inside but my muscles are lagging behind in the  recovery, so aren’t holding my new joint up and together very well yet. Well, as I’ve learned from all the other surgeries, the muscle is what takes the longest to come back. It doesn’t even feel woody or as if there’s something foreign in there, which I know there is, but I’m talking like an incredibly full feeling… no more. Only slight peg leg, with a bit of ‘John Wayne’ going on… but it feels muscular. PROGRESS!

The wound itself has a couple of tiny ‘unhealed’ (nicer than saying ‘scabs!’) areas… so it’s almost time for the bio-oil treatment. I going to keep a photographic journey of that too, to show how it works. Not only that, it almost means… I CAN HAVE A BATH. Oh how I’ve missed them. My walk-in shower is fab and very convenient, but when you can’t do something, don’t you just notice it!

Within days, I’m thinking we’ll have some more ‘Firsts’ to speak of… (Pleeeeeaaaase let it be the bath! 😉 )

bath living with hip dysplasia

I’ve managed to get down on the floor too, I lowered myself to my operated knee (keeping within my restrictions of course!) and knelt for a good minute. Those clothes on the wardrobe floor were really starting to bug me! Sometimes, that’s all you need, good incentive.  Here’s hoping you’re not a total sad-case like me and have more interesting incentives… 😉