Day 33

So… it wasn’t a fluke, I can put my slipper on my foot on the operated leg, by kicking the lower half of my leg, backwards! Not only that, this morning in bed I turned again to lie on my side with a pillow between my legs… and stayed for a good 5 minutes comfortably (then after that I started to get a crampy feeling in my quad, so that was enough of that). It’s so frustrating lying flat on your back, when all you want to do is roll over and curl up (bloody restrictions!). I’ve started putting a pillow under my knees, when lying on my back, to take the pressure off.  I can also now have my leg and foot under the duvet without it feeling trapped (as my leg was too weak to lift the duvet previously, so I felt I was being smothered).  So all these things that I was reporting days ago as ‘Firsts’, are things I am doing more and more of… the measure of progress 🙂 such a good feeling.

The Christmas decorations came down today 😦 It’s always a sad feeling. So bare… it actually feels like we’ve been robbed! But I survived it all and managed to enjoy it too under the circumstances… and on reflection, I’ve been able to do a lot more than I thought I would over the Christmas period. I actually thought the surgery was going to ruin it for me.  The big thing though, is… I wonder how I’ll be doing next Christmas?! It’s exciting to think, no..?! 

I’m mobilising really well, there’s a significant limp there and you can actually see the muscle wastage in my thigh and my buttock (…just on the one side. So attractively, I have one normal leg and one skinny-wasted-away leg… lovely!).

I realised today that the sicknote covering me from work is up a week on Thursday.  I really can’t believe where the time is going, which is actually brill! It won’t be long, I can get back to normal, get back to work (which has only aided my recovery in the past!).  But at the moment, I’m still under restriction. I need to get my consultant’s say so as to when my restriction period ends, then I’ll definitely be on my way to getting back to work!

‘Firsts’….? Dinner out (…the other day was breakfast, so it counts as a ‘First’! 😉 ).  I practically leapt into the car 😉 Got slightly uncomfortable after sitting at the table for about 30 minutes, had some pain around the joint as well as the muscles, to be expected I guess.  As we were leaving (…and after a well deserved pint had made it’s way through me 😉 ), I realised as I stood I needed the loo.  I had a choice… hold it until I got home, which involved getting outside, negotiating my way in the car and out again at home. It’s not as easy as I’ll just ‘hold it’.  OR… I could, for the first time, use the ‘Shewee’ in a public place. I was ‘quickly relieved’ to say I did in fact use the Shewee.. I wasn’t 100% sure that I wouldn’t end up with a trickle down my leg (as per practice sessions at home! Enough said I think…).  And I did have to use the adapter or the ‘longer length outlet pipe’ as described in the advert on Amazon (I’m sorry, but seriously?!! paah haaa haaa haaa haaaaaa!!).  For those of you in the dark about what a Shewee is…

Shewee Living with Hip dysplasia.jpg               arrow living with hip dysplasia                shewee 2 living with hip dysplasia      

Some might be shocked, maybe even disgusted at what you’ve now figured out… that it enables a girl to pee like a boy…. and that’s exactly what I said when leaving the bathroom… “I just wee wee’d like a boy” 😀 …to the smirk on the face of Himself!  I even felt a compulsion at the time, that maybe I should do that stereotypical lean up the bathroom wall. 😉 The freedom it gave me though. I did have to purchase something for said freedom, that has only been used for it’s intended purpose (successfully 😀 ) once so far… so did I just pay £14 to use a public toilet? Hmmm, possibly 😉

It’s does just go to show though folks, that I don’t mind taking the pee out of myself  😉 And on that lovely note…. night night 🙂