Day 32

One month!!! Exactly 🙂 It has been one month since I was given my first new hip 🙂 I cannot tell you where the time has gone, which I suppose is a good thing.

I woke earlier (than the recent norm…) today, by 9am I was itching to get out of bed. I didn’t know if I would successfully manoeuver out of bed, get dressed, pack my ‘Day Bag’*, grab my pillow for ‘The Sick Chair’** and then get down the stairs, loaded up like a bloody donkey, without waking Himself up! But then, mid descent… I SLIPPED!! Just one step, my heart leapt up into my throat… I landed firmly on the next step, then PAIN. I stopped. Frozen. Unable to move. As though doing so would reverse any damage I was terrified I’d done.  I eventually came back down to earth, held my breath… and moved my leg. I was okay. Thank goodness!!!!!!! Plus, bonus… My post-op ‘stealth mode’ is getting better, Himself got the lie-in he deserved. 😉

I had my first meal out today. Our Sunday morning brekkie, first for a long time… I couldn’t wait! I booked our table as soon as they were open. Oh, and get this, you should have seen me getting in the car… I whipped myself in there like an expert (…it felt like that anyway after every other time up to now has been a NIGHTMARE! Also the fact that it is STILL tipping it down with rain, might have had something to do with my haste! I think it’s been raining now, for about a month straight!).  It was the nicest thing, to just sit there and have a meal. Something normal. I almost forgot about hip (..and I may have, had it not been for the cushion I carry round to ensure my seat is high enough), until that is, I tipped my entire teapot across the table…


All I wanted to do at that moment was help clean it up.  But I couldn’t.  There’s no way I’d manage to get down on the floor and back up again, successfully. I had to sit there and watch others fussing round, clearing up the clumsy mess I’d made. I felt almost glad I had my crutch… my reasoning, my ‘excuse’… so (in my mind this was, of course!) they could see why I wasn’t getting up to help, instead of just thinking I was some idle sod. Like I said, I was mortified. I couldn’t apologise enough, through my fuchsia-coloured, burning hot cheeks. The fact that I’d come close to scalding Himself and spraying the folk trying to pay their bill, didn’t help either… it just added to the cringe-factor!  Bless them though, it wasn’t long before I got a brand new full teapot.  I did point out that it was probably best they put it in a sippy-cup for me – I think they almost felt bad for me… and they didn’t charge us twice 😉

You know the best thing about today? I can’t believe how much more normal my hip feels… and up to a certain point, I was really enjoying my day. 🙂 Until that lovely good ol’ cramp/RLS stepped in and wiped the floor with it. Queue my typical evening for the last goodness knows how many days now, of writhing in uncomfortable irritation, then pacing the house. Granted, it’s less than it has been up to now… so I’ve decided to look at it as it dwindling out. Good choice I think… 😉


* (‘Day Bag’ = the bag I take downstairs first thing, containing all the essentials I’ll need such as meds, journal, pen, lip balm, nail file, make-up… yes, vain!… mobile phone, water bottle … to avoid having to go up and down the stairs all flippin’ day! Believe me when I say it makes a massive difference!)

** (‘Sick Chair’ = The chair, once I’m ‘better’ that I’ll never bloody sit in again… my seated prison, the only place high enough for me to park my derrière. Hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it. By the way, did I tell you I hate it…?! 😉 )