Day 31

Feeling a bit more with it today, a bit more chirpy. I didn’t sleep very well last night, I kept waking up.  Although, from all the surgeries over the years I’ve gotten very used to sleeping on my back, it really is starting to give me backache. So I decided to try and move over on my un-operated side.  I placed a pillow between my legs and lifted and turned myself over. It was such a RELIEF!! I felt a pull in my new hip joint, like gravity may have been pulling it down… and as it started to get more uncomfortable, I moved back again.

But hey, another ‘First’!!


Today, I’ve also decided to call in some cavalry for the talons on my feet and the ‘natural-leg-warmers’ I’m growing…

tongue hip dysplasia

I can reach ONE of my feet, but not really for very long – Which isn’t really going to ‘cut it’ (mwah ha haa) for what I need doing lets be honest.  No matter how bad I am, I pride myself on the Upkeep of Me (and some people might disagree and think there are more important things I could concern myself with, which is fair enough –  but it’s one of the things that gives me my ‘get up and go’ and makes me feel normal!), so time to get some help to get it under control I think – appointment booked in for Thursday (which in the world of recovery seems light-years away!), 5 days and counting.

Second first… I reached my foot on my operated leg and put my slipper on WITHOUT ANY AIDS! I don’t know if it was a fluke or what, but I did it!! No restrictions broken (I wouldn’t dare!). I stood tall, with my slipper in my right hand, kicked (or gently swung to be honest) my lower leg, bending at the knee, towards my bottom until my foot reached my slipper…. I whipped it on quick as you like and lowered my leg again.  Then stood there, amazed (well, pleased with myself!) at what I’d done.  If you asked me to do it again, I’m not sure I could!

After being unsure as to whether the walking is causing the cramps and battling with myself as to whether I should go because of it… I did eventually go. At the end of the day, “walking is your physio…” as the physiotherapist pointed out. So to not do it would be counterproductive, surely?!

It’s still wet as hell out there… every path has these obstacles to get through..

mud hip dysplasia2.jpg

And if you’ve ever had the misfortune of having to use crutches in bad weather, you can understand it feels like you’re climbing a mountain rather than just trudging through some water, as any other walker would. But I’m all geared up…

wellies hip dysplasia2.jpg

Harvey comes with me and gets so impatient that he’s almost always this far ahead of me…

walkies hip dysplasia.jpg

He waits a little bit for me to catch up, then off he goes again.

Pain has been better today… I think I’m experiencing the dreaded RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome).  I am noticing patterns of when it’s appearing, after certain activities… or inactivity, as is the case sometimes.  I’m hoping this has occurred because of the Hip Dysplasia/Hip Replacement, as most cases in my research have been because of an underlying condition in the first place. All I can do right now though is fight the symptoms in the meantime… #keepingfightingwarriors