Day 30

Today is the day of nothing. Just pain. After not getting to sleep until 4am, I woke at 12:30…  and could not get comfortable. I can’t seem to tell the difference between cramp, my ‘old’ pre-hip replacement pain… and new surgical pain. Maybe it is actually all 3?!
We went for a walk today.  It’s STILL raining…  like bloody biblical! I’ve had to stop worrying about the slipping and just get out there or I’ll never get to go for a walk. Just took it nice and slow. Did the walk cause it? Am I pushing myself and going too far? Maybe.  But there’s just no way of knowing with recovery… you just have to take each moment, each day as it comes, then adjust accordingly. Which is exactly what I have to remind myself of during days like this. There’s no exact science with it, just follow the precautionary rules you’re given and the rest is listening to your body. It’s a psychological battle as well as a physical one.
I spent the day wandering the house in painful turmoil, not being able to get comfortable, apart from in bed. So I came to bed. Stayed for a bit, distracted myself (reading, TV, mindful colouring) and went back downstairs. Then did it all over again.  I almost couldn’t give in to it and stay put… which essentially made it worse I think. It took Himself to tell me to get back upstairs to bed. It was like I couldn’t see it.  Was I fighting it for some reason? Sometimes I guess you just need someone else to tell you.
One absolute plus passed me by while in this low… I didn’t have to take the Clexane today (blood-thinning injections), that horrible part is over, my poor tummy is grateful.. as is the rest of me! I AM making progress.. day by day – even when having days like these! 🙂