Day 29

New Year’s Eve.  I don’t think it kicked in until late afternoon that it was actually New Year’s Eve. Pretty much figured it would be a quiet one.  Himself spending half the day working and Myself, well, you know!  I stayed in bed until about 1pm, trying to rest…     



I have been trying to fight the dreaded cramps. I found lying with my legs stretched out really helped. The last two mornings I’ve woken up the cramps have gone. Hmmm, is it the soap? They seem to get worse as the day goes on. So I thought by staying in bed a bit longer, it would keep the cramps at bay a bit longer – which actually worked!! But staying in bed ALL day isn’t going to aid my recovery, now is it… so I got up!

Another (what I call….) lazy day.  I had some visitors, which is always nice (and works as a great distraction).  Himself brought home some Magnesium tablets and some Magnesium oil for massaging into the muscles.  I did the sensible thing and sought the advice of my eccentric but well respected (which he has definitely earned from me, for all the help he has given me, I can tell you!!) Doctor… and I quote “there is no scientific evidence to support that Magnesium helps with cramps, but by all means take it, it will not react with anything you’re taking” (I was not about to get in a debate with him… I think my lack of doctorate would put me at a disadvantage from the off!). Brill.  So, with some help (…from Himself.. I didn’t just ask some random! I know I’m friendly, but come on…! 😉 ), we applied the oil to my now far-from-smooth legs (I can shave everywhere apart from the last third of my operated leg… so it’s like I’m wearing one naturally made leg-warmer – hmm, lovely huh!) and had a tablet.  I don’t know if it was a psychological thing, but for about 2 hours, I was cramp and achy free. Utter relief!

Frank is still lingering, meaning the weather is still poo… so no walk again today (it’s the slipping in the wet that’s an issue for me).

Oh, my last Clexane (blood-thinning injection) today! THANK GOODNESS! My poor tummy is starting to resemble that of a cheetah’s… but with bruise-spots.  I can honestly say I was starting to hate them – it was getting more and more difficult 😦 My skin was actually getting tougher, I’m sure of it!

So for tonight? …our New Year plan consists of a Chinese, a couple of films.. and some bubbly to toast in the New Year (okay, not totally allowed… but it is New Year! 😉 ). All that is left for me to do is wish all my readers a wonderful and pain-free 2016 🙂 x