Day 28

After a telling off from Himself for (possibly!) doing to much… I have tried to rest today.  Couldn’t get to sleep last night until after 2am because of the awful cramps. They had gotten so bad it reduced me to tears. What is it about the night time that makes illness and pain seem so much worse?! I know I kept Himself up as I had the TV on as a distraction. Took some paracetamol (on top of what I’m already on!!) and put that bar of soap in my bed.  Now, maybe it was the 20 bananas I ate (or around about that!), or that bar of soap between the sheets, but I slept through the night only waking for my meds at 8am, then back to sleep again until 11:15 – think I may have been a little tired maybe? 😉 And maybe, just maybe, Himself may have been right! I took it on the chin (which is not an easy thing for me to do either! 😉 ). So I took it easy today. Doing as much as I was may have been contributing to my cramps. As Himself said “…it will only be 4 weeks tomorrow, remember. That isn’t a very long time, you need to heal”. Very wise!
‘Firsts’ for today? …listened to Himself!! 😉 Picked up my crutch to use around the house, as my limp gets worse as the day goes on, which will mean I’m starting some bad muscle-habits. Second (unwanted!) ‘First’ was a new recovery symptom; I pulled a muscle in my groin today – very uncomfortable. It has happened to me before, after previous surgeries, it’s because other muscles are trying to pick up the slack and can’t handle it (as it’s not what they’re made for).  I need to start concentrating a bit more when moving around.
Third ‘First’… As the weather was AWFUL (Thank you Frank!), I didn’t get my daily walk. Instead, we went to a café! It was lovely! Getting in and out of the car is getting easier. And no more cushion protecting my wound from the seatbelt. Just down to the one pillow now. Sitting more upright too… Win!
Most energetic thing I did all day was some prep for tea… bit of chopping. I did have to sit down after a bit – bloody groin pain. Less use of my grabber too – ‘swooping like an eagle’ a lady said on my support group site called it. So instead of fighting to pick things up with my grabber, sometimes using anything remotely long to use in a two-pronged attack on whatever I was after… I now bend and lean on my un-operated leg, while pushing my operated leg out behind me. It means I never break the 90° rule, stays at 180°.  I have been able to do it for a little while, but I’m doing it without thinking now. Done it less today though as I think it may have attributed to the groin pain… oopsy!