Day 27


A day of wandering the house groaning in pain over my continuing cramps.  It’s the worst.  It feels like spasms as well as an ache throughout my entire leg – you know that feeling that comes on just before that major cramp appears… the feeling that has you leaping up, out of utter uncomfortable shock and panic, jumping round the room like an unstoppable moron, as you plead to anyone who’ll listen, for it to disappear as soon as possible. Well if you have, I pity you… it’s not in the least bit fun!

I scoured the internet for help, answers, ANYTHING that could help. Spoke to those in my support group, who suggested Magnesium could be the answer – it’s on the ‘to do’ list for tomorrow to discuss with my local pharmacy.

I even tried my daily walk, did the same as yesterday, (…on the plus side; today’s ‘First’ is that I did it alone!), but got back home to worse cramps 😦

Himself found an article this morning that bananas help with cramps.  I also heard a lot about a rumour, an old wives tale, that a bar of soap in bed with you will ease the cramp. (Hmmm, I am an open minded person, so willing to give anything a go!)  So during his lunch today, he returned with a bar of Dove soap and a bunch of bananas 🙂

Eaten 2 bananas already, currently sat with a hot water bottle and a bar of soap between my legs!!!   I’ll let you know how I get on..

Oh and I managed to doing some washing today too – we have clean dry towels, all thanks to me! Distraction might be my best option here…