Day 26

Went to bed last night with the most horrendous cramp, but I think it was to do with sitting for too long that evening. I have always had restless legs and it felt a bit like that. Note to self… MOVE MORE!!

Our walk today was about half a mile.. well done me! Still with one crutch. Every so often, I’ll put a lot of weight through the leg, just to see if I can take it… I get a dull concentrated pain in the top of my hip/in my pelvis, but it isn’t unbearable, just uncomfortable. (about a 2 ½ in hospital pain terms). Around the house now is without crutches full stop, but I think because every walk is a small distance, or not far until there is something I can lean on.  My balance is still utter crap though (…as per usual!). How does it feel to walk with my new hip these days? Like there is something SOLID in there, like I’m wearing a peg-leg and waddle up to it and down from it. If I concentrate and walk with tiny steps, I can stop the limp, but I feel the joint pushing outwards (think that’s poor muscle strength to be honest!)

I WENT TO THE PUB!! Today’s ‘First’… a beer (A nice festive ale called ‘A Good Stuffin’!)… in  my local 🙂 Only stayed for about 45 minutes, but I did it.

Pub Living With Hip Dysplasia.jpg

Third time in the car, down to one pillow underneath me and one cushion between me and the seatbelt (it’s still sore having something touch the wound).  My leg is stronger though and even Himself noticed.  I can lift my own leg now, not very high, but high enough to get it in to the car – last time I was in the car was 5 days ago, so that’s some good headway I’m making.  It doesn’t hurt to do it either, just a pulling sensation in the hip and tightness in my quad. After the tightness comes a cramp sensation, in the quad and calf muscles, it doesn’t last long though (THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT!!)

When Myself and Himself entered the room of the pub, we were instantly scanning the room for the most suitable seat… something accessible, something with arms…? Nope. No chance. Discussion was had… “… if you sit in that chair you can use the table…” and “… the chair is higher than the sofa…”.  Seriously… this is what it has come to. Considering the best possible place to be sat; easy to get in and out of, best ‘escape’ route and nowhere where I will be blocking someone in/be blocked in (having to get up and down, as badly as I do, to an audience is mortifying! I will try and avoid it at all costs).

Another good day all round… a high point being ‘The Good Stuffin’ 😉