Day 25

Sat on the sofa for the first time, as opposed to ‘The Chair’ (for a cwtsh with my Himself – which I have really missed. Sitting separately has felt like a barrier between us Was lovely to have him back for a little bit even if it did mean, unfortunately for him, it was during the 2 hour long Christmas episode of Downtown Abbey – My idea of heaven, possibly not so much for him! He actually said “ wasn’t too bad, that actually went quite quickly” …I think he meant the TV show, not the cwtsh, although it did go too quickly and I could’ve stayed there longer, however I did slowly start to get uncomfortable!). Yes, I still had to concern myself with my restrictions, so popped a pillow behind my back and sat on a scatter cushion. Not the comfiest, but I didn’t care if I’m honest. I stayed as long as I could stand it.

Second ‘First’ of the day… I climbed and descended the stairs WITHOUT A SINGLE CRUTCH! Going down is a lot easier. Going up takes concentration, activating all the muscles in the right side (so, clenching!), then really pushing with all my might. I’m still doing it, that’s the point!! No going back now, I can’t use the crutches again. (Some people might think that’s a bit daft, pushing myself in that way. Only, to me, it would be a serious step backwards in my recovery. Although I’m still at 3 ½ weeks, I need milestones to keep me going – It’s what’s always kept me strong).

Third ‘First’… I went for my daily walk… WITH ONLY ONE CRUTCH! Granted, Himself carried the second one all the way round with us (I think it was more for his benefit than mine, I was pretty confident about it and his response was “It won’t hurt if I carry it…”. I think it put his mind at ease. Which I’m okay with… it just reminds me what a caring human being he is).

All round good day – progress!