“Come on Mom..!”

By Jamie from Belleville, Michigan, USA

I was diagnosed at 39 with congenital bi-lateral hip dysplasia.  It has probably been there since birth and I have labral tears in my left hip. I have done PT, injections, had massages and been to a chiropractor. Nothing seems to help. Now the waiting game until a replacement.

“Come on Mom! Follow me!” Such an innocent request. Living with an unseen medical issue brings many burdens. Today, I was realizing those. I was grabbing onto the posts just to walk up a small step. I felt weak and lazy. Before I was diagnosed with bi lateral hip dysplasia last December, I was active. I have 3 kids. My youngest is 4, while I am 40 young. I used to run 5 K’s, do boot camps and heavy weight lifting.  The last year of working out I was in constant pain. I gave in and went to the doctor. The imaging stated I had labral tears in my hip. OK, I can get that fixed and in 6 months be back to my gruelling workouts. Nope, in my head, I heard the tires screech, so to speak. The specialist said he couldn’t help me, I have severe bi-lateral hip dysplasia.

I believe we can go through different stages of grief when we learn our diagnoses. I was in shock, I was angry, depressed and scared. Now I am accepting. I know sometime soon, possibly sooner than I thought, I will have my surgery. Yet with accepting comes in seeds of doubt. Good days versus bad days. I try not to let doubts creep in, but it is hard. What has helped are the support of help groups online and my young kids. I am not alone. We are not alone. In the meantime, I will continue to grab those posts and pull myself up so I can keep playing with my son. 

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