“Something’s Wrong? …It Must Be My Hips, It’s Always My Hips…!”

Post hip replacements, post ALL meds, what feels like and what I was hoping was a ‘cleaner’ way of living. A break for my body from all those horrible drugs.  Goodbye side-effects, farewell to blaming every pang of pain, every ache, every weird symptom on either my hips, or the drugs because of my hips. After years Read More

“It’s okay, I was in the T.A.”

As part of my post-hip-replacement rehabilitation, I have been building up my walking distance.  Which works perfectly in line with my plans to climb Mount Snowdon next year.  Coming from Wales and having never been up Snowdon (not even on it’ s mountain train!), has always been something of an embarrassment for me. However, years of dealing Read More

Day 43 – 6 WEEKS!!

Today I have hit my 6 week mark!!!! Officially, it’s the beginning of the end of my restrictions! 🙂 So a Happy 6 Weeks to my Hip… I visited the doctor today and discussed where I was at and how I could work towards getting back to ‘normal’ (there’s that word again!).  We negotiated (because Read More

Day 41

Well, I had a ‘First’ today, alright!!!! A very dumb one! 2 days before the end of my restrictions… and I did this… without even thinking!!! Silly silly girl!!   I have to say, I know I’m not supposed to do it, but I was actually quite pleased (after I uncrossed and all was well. Read More

Day 40

Up at 6:30am. What the…..?! I was this wide awake.  Today marked the end of our Christmas/Holidays… Himself went back to work today. Gutted!! I had gotten used to having him round, entertaining me, lots of company, for almost 3 weeks 🙂 Now, back to reality… just me and Poochy. No lazy mornings, back to rubbish Read More

Day 39

A very bad day, pain wise, today.  But not my hip… just the muscles and my legs. Restless leg Syndrome is the worst!! Himself rightly pointed out.. “..could it be that you’re forgetting to take your magnesium?”.  He was right. I couldn’t remember the last time I had taken one, it must have been days. Read More

Day 38

Firstly, apologies for the moan! I’m getting very impatient.  I have to remind myself of my progress, because I have days like today where I feel like I’ve made no progress in weeks! Sounds ridiculous, yes. But it’s part of the recovery… low days. I am quickly approaching the 6 week mark – the BEGINNING Read More

Day 37

A nice trip out to the flicks tonight, to continue my ‘Rocky’ teachings… we watched Creed (Himself has had me watching all 6 of the Rocky films…. It was all part of his distraction techniques I think! I have to say, not thinking they would be my cup-of-tea, I have really enjoyed every ‘round’ 😀 Read More

Day 36

So today I had PLANS! ACTUAL PLANS! Written in my diary and everything… like a normal person 😉 Those plans consisted of a leg-wax (…doesn’t sound like fun plans? No, you’re right… but goddamn, you should see my legs now… they’re starting to stick together like natural Velcro! I also can’t keep asking Himself to Read More

Day 35

No matter what walk of life someone is from, life is a learning curve, from a tiny baby through to older years.  When you think about what learning is, you think of learning from a parent, caregiver, a teacher or lecturer, an employer or a friend is in a ‘safe’ environment, where you study or are shown what to do.  However if someone is thrust into Read More