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Welcome to the Blog and News page.  Here you will find news articles from the 'hip' world, a blog of diaries from surgeries and recoveries  and also a collection of light-hearted stories from a 'day in the life' of living with Hip Dysplasia . You can pick the category from the blog dropdown menu below.

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The book many of us wished we’d had at one time or another, is being published on Friday 1st March 2019.

After 3 years, with contributions from over 100 ‘Hippies’ and endorsements from a registered physiotherapist, an orthopaedic surgeon and an international sex and relationships expert, Xandra Lee brings you the first publication of it’s kind, “Sex …with these hips?!”. 

Stay tuned for more information. We are beyond excited!

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Sponsored by Slumbersac

Meet all our courageous Hippies fighting to raise awareness for Hip Dysplasia. Click on the link to find out more about each climber, our fundraiser and how you can support us and get involved.

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On June 16th 2018, LWHD is hosting a campaign and fundraiser for Hip Dysplasia.  ‘Hippies Up Snowdon’ will see a group of our Hippies get up (and down!) the 1085 metre high mountain , to help raise as much awareness as possible, for ‘Hip Dysplasia Awareness Month’ in June.

We are extremely pleased to announce that Slumbersac will be sponsoring our event!

If your interested in taking part in

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Andy Murray has pulled out of the Brisbane Internationals with continued hip issues.  Announcing in an emotional Facebook post, Andy explains that he will be staying in Australia for a few days while he decides whether to stay out there or “fly home to assess what I do next”.

This is the second tournament in recent months that has seen Andy having to bow out of, after his injury during Wimbledon in the Summer of last

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So here it comes. 2018. A new year. Bringing with it hope and anticipation of the possibilities before you.

This is actually the first new year in a long time that I am not either recovering from, or awaiting, yet another surgery.  A position I never thought I’d ever find myself in and now that I am here, I feel an awful sense of restlessness – like I’m waiting for something

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Hi my name is Amy and I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at age 19. I’ve had a triple pelvic osteotomy (TPO). I didn’t even know what hip dysplasia was or what the operation would entail. I’ve been struggling with my hips for a very long time and as I’m a dancer it was just getting way too much for me.

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Hey folks,

I just thought I’d tell you I’ve written a book to help kids with hip dysplasia facing surgery to help them through the journey to make it less scary and daunting.

I wrote it due to my daughter going through 18 months in a cast and closed and open reductions, femoral and

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I can’t believe it’s approaching the one-year anniversary of my second ceramic hip!
In the early morning of the 9th January 2017, just as I was about to take the long car journey to hospital for my surgery, I took a photo of my luggage and posted it for you guys, mainly as a “I’m ready, see you on the other

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By Jo – Southampton, UK

The CT images that my consultant, Mr Hussell had requested showed arthritis and degradation of my hip joint.

Mr Hussell was not certain, from what he could see in the images, that a PAO would be effective. He suspected that there might have been too much damage to the cartilage.  He suggested that in order to determine whether to do a PAO or total hip

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By Jo, Southampton, UK.

At the age of 19 I helped out on a sheep farm in my spare time. I was young and fit and loved being outside. We had 5 fields of sheep and I spent my time running between the fields and the barns checking on ewes and lambs. To save time I didn’t open the big metal gates between the fields, but easily swung myself over them.

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