A Hippy 2018 – Our New Year REVOLUTION

So here it comes. 2018. A new year. Bringing with it hope and anticipation of the possibilities before you.

This is actually the first new year in a long time that I am not either recovering from, or awaiting, yet another surgery.  A position I never thought I’d ever find myself in and now that I am here, I feel an awful sense of restlessness – like I’m waiting for something or needing to do something. What, I’m not sure of however. A life Living with Hip Dysplasia will do that to you, I guess. 

So I am putting this excess energy to good use…

What is our 2018 REVOLUTION? LWHD is making this coming year one to put Adult Hip Dysplasia on the map.  To educate everyone about this life altering condition – family, friends and health care professionals alike.

We would like to start a fundraising campaign to support this, something we’ll have more info on for you soon.

In the summer of next year, to raise awareness, I, along with many other Hippies will be climbing Mount Snowdon in Wales.  As you can see, my family are already preparing me for this… by also giving me the perfect Christmas pressies also:

I think these may help…!


Would you like to be part of this REVOLUTION? To join us in climbing Snowdon?

Would you like to be an ambassador for awareness and fundraising for LWHD?

If you’re interested is helping us make a difference in 2018, to give yourself a challenge and be part of the Hippie family that makes a change, send an email to us at contact@livingwithhipdysplasia.com with your details and ideas. We’d love you to have you on board.

TOGETHER we are stronger.

TOGETHER we can make a difference!

HAPPY NEW YEAR HIPPIES! Wishing you a year of strength, happiness… and pain-free days.

Much love, as always, Xandra xxxx

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